Are you in search for the best way to expand the reach of your company? You have probably considered using traditional media to promote your products or services. And when it comes to traditional media, television and radio are often considered the best options. But it’s important to consider all available options if you want to make the most out of your limited marketing budget. While nobody can deny that TV and radio have an enormous reach, they might still not be the right way to promote your company. Here are some of the top reasons why might want to steer clear of TV and radio ads.

Gets Expensive Quickly

It isn’t surprising to hear big brands spend an awful lot of money on TV and radio ads. If you’re a small business owner, a single spot can eat up your entire marketing budget, especially on television. What’s more, studies suggest that in order for TV and radio ads to be effective, they must be repeated several times. Repetition enables your target market to retain your marketing message, but as you might imagine, this comes at a high price tag.

Listeners And Viewers Get Distracted

It’s safe to assume that most people do not listen intently to advertisements on the television and radio. Those who tune in to the radio usually do something else, such as preparing a meal or driving. A lot of people also switch channels or stations as soon as commercials begin. Even if you have an excellent advertisement, it proves useless if your target market doesn’t see or hear it. You might end up putting your hard-earned money to waste.

Competition Is Very Stiff

When it comes to television and radio advertising, it’s wise to choose your spots based on your target audience. Identifying these spots is the easy part; things start to get difficult once you try to get in those spots. The competition can prove to be very stiff, as countless companies both big and small aim for the same set of eyes and ears. And if you want to get into prime time spots, then expect to shell out some huge money.

No Way To Measure Effectiveness

One of the biggest downsides to TV and radio ads is the fact that there is no way to gauge their effectiveness. Many marketers feel satisfied with just being able to claim a spot, thinking that their ads will get seen or heard by a huge amount of people. But numbers aren’t everything. Not every viewer or listener will be interested with your company. There’s simply no way to ensure that you expose your ads to targeted traffic if you go for television and radio advertising.

These are the top four reasons why TV and radio ads may not be the smartest way to market your company. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t consider these ads. It’s just a reminder that there are more options out there, ones that can bring targeted traffic to your business without spending a ton of marketing dollars.  So what is the better answer then?

Search Engine Optimization

We feel that search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO) is one of the smarter ways to gain traction online with marketing your company and gaining customers online. SEO has gained a bad wrap in the past because there are so many companies out there that seem to be doing it. The key is you have to find one with a very positive reputation and history of helping clients at an affordable price. This is the tricky part, again, because there are so many out there that you may need to weed through before finding the right one.  Ask around with your fellow businesses that seem to be doing well because you can bet they have done some marketing on the internet. Learn more about SEO here or view this informative Google PDF about SEO.

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