We saw the dawn of the Automated Teller Machine over five decades ago, and since this time, the ATM has evolved quite a bit. In this article, we will discuss this evolution and just how Automated Teller Machines have changed over time.

The First ATMs Ever Seen

The very first ATM made its debut in 1967, located in north London. A little over two years after this debut, ATM machines appeared in the United States of America, starting in New York. It was first known as a Docuteller and the machine was limited to those who were customers of the bank. It took approximately ten years after this before it was possible to use an ATM that was located at another bank than the one used by each customer.

Drive-Up ATMs

One of the best features of an ATM is its convenience, and ATM placement in a drive through setting is uber convenient.  The ability to drive up to one of these machines became introduced, it was a feature that became an instant hit. The first drive-up ATM was installed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during the year of 1980. This feature was a followup to the drive-up teller window, and 95% of the use of drive-up ATMs was reported from the United States, giving a large amount of insight into just how much Americans enjoyed using their car while seeking out an automated teller machine.

More Than Cash

While ATMs were and are still known for dispensing cash, it was not uncommon for this machine to give out stamps, prepaid cards, and the like as well. However, this feature garnered mix results.

As time continued, it was not uncommon to find an ATM that could speak to the customer. This feature was seen as an improvement over braille for those customers who could not see. These days, it is commonplace to find one that can talk.

Cardless ATMs

One of the greatest complains that automated teller machines have garnered over the years is snatching a card that was left during the transaction for a touch too long. However, these machines are evolving, and many banks have begun implementing the use of cardless ATMs. This is excellent news for those customers with previous bad luck with leaving their card in ATMs.

In conclusion, the automated teller machine is one that has given a great amount of convenience to customers everywhere. No doubt we will continue to see many changes and improvements in the way that ATMs help customers carry on with their banking.

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