If you have been debating about starting a roofing company in Oregon there are a number of reasons that you should debate no longer. Due to a number of conditions in the area, a roofing company is an extremely viable business that has huge potential for great profit and growth. The key is to focus the business on the certain areas that are in demand.

Due to the rainy weather that Oregon is known for leaks are extremely common. The extent of how moist the roofs can be for the majority of the year an average roof is subject to degradation. Being that wood and other organic materials are involved in a roof’s construction, it is only natural that they will break down quite quickly in that environment. This of course opens the door for an extremely high need for repairs to ensure that the roof of a home owner does not become further damaged over time.

rainy-roofAdditionally, due to the number of heavy storms that come through the region, there is a very high need for regular roof cleanings. Most homeowners prefer to have professionals that have experience being on high, dangerous surfaces taking care of this type of work. It basically just involves removing all the debris that builds up over time from the roof. You can also treat the roof to prevent the growth of mold and moss. The need is very high for this work, the key is to educate potential customers on why it is so important to have it done on a regular basis.

Finally, moss growth is a major problem in the area. Again, because of the weather conditions it is very easy for moss to take over a roof in very little time. Moss growth on a roof is devastating and should be addressed as soon as possible to ensure that it does not completely ruin the roof. Informing potential customers of the effect that the mold can have on their roof will lead to a great deal of business. Having work done to remove and treat the moss is a great deal more affordable than having to replace the roof entirely. Many homeowners are not aware of just how destructive the moss growth can be, in fact some think that it provides protection or that it simply adds charm to their home. Again, by educating them on what the moss really means to their homes they will be quick to agree to have the work done by your company.

Oregon is a prime location for starting a roofing business and watching it naturally thrive. As long as your company provides quality service, offers competitive prices and does a decent amount of advertising to get started you are sure to have a successful business. Be sure to focus on the needs of your potential customers. Keeping in mind their needs due to the particular climate in the area will serve your business prospects very well.  Our sponsored roofing company in the Portland area is Dial One Roofing. They also do siding installation.

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